1. You’ll never believe the size of the marlin these Aussies catch out of a sailing kayak!

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    Best Leopard (McTavish) (par piscator_4)

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    brown trout af river 9 22 12 4 (par houstonryan)

  5. Cutthroat 4 (par Deadeye008)

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  6. “I am haunted by waters.” - Norman Maclean

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  7. Wow! Monster white sturgeon weighing 1,100 pounds caught in Canada

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    Canon EOS Rebel 2000, 50mm, Kodacolor 200. Ashton, Idaho. 

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  9. “Fuck life, I’m going fishin’.”

    My friend is obsessed with fishing, so I made this for him.

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    Crown jewel of the trip, Cabezon on the fly